Landing Page Monkey – Gorgeous Landing Pages Quick and Easy With Just a Click of Your Mouse

Creating landing pages is a huge hassle for most marketers. You have choice: do it yourself, or hire a designer.

A designer can create a beautiful page for you, but he’ll also drain your budget. And every time you need a new page, you have to cough up more cash so your designer can afford his lattes.

The other option is to do it yourself. Problem is, it takes a lot of time to create these pages. You need some coding know-how to make them look good. And if you want to track your campaigns to see if your landing page is converting, then you need to get yourself a tracking tool or script.

It’s no wonder so many marketers only have a couple landing pages, even if they are leaving money on the table by doing so. It’s just too much work, too much time or too much money to put them together… at least if you’re going to do them right.

Until now…

the Landing Page Monkey

web app, which takes away all the work by quickly and easily creating stunning landing pages with just a couple clicks of your mouse.
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You don’t need to touch a single line of code. You don’t need to hire a programmer or a web designer. You don’t even need to download and install a script, since this is a web app.

All you have to do is log into your Landing Page Monkey dashboard, click your way through the user-friendly form, and in just five minutes you too can have a cutting-edge, high-converting and mobile-responsive landing page to build your mailing list or sell your products.

You can use these landing pages to get mailing list subscribers, webinar registrations, run contests and close more sales. If you need a polished sales page or a landing page with an opt-in form, Landing Page Monkey can create it lightning-fast.

So stop monkeying around with those clumsy other tools and see for yourself why Landing Page Monkey makes list building so easy.

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InstaMember – Best Membership Plugin Ever.

Ask most Internet marketers and they will tell you that membership sites … which provide recurring income month after month … are the easiest and most reliable way to create high-profit revenue streams.

But unless you have a computer engineering degree or decades of programming experience, building membership sites is nearly impossible …

Until now, that is!

InstaMember is your key to building high-profit, high-performance membership sites almost instantly!

InstaMember lets you create membership sites with secure long-in protected gateways almost instantly, even if you have no prior experience with programming or membership sites.

Now anybody can quickly build membership sites that drive revenues into your bank account month after month. It’s the easiest and most effective way to supercharge your sales campaigns.

Marketers are using InstaMember to earn thousands of dollars or recurrent income month after month.

It takes the hassle out of building your membership sites so you can create multiple revenue streams almost instantly.

If you’ve ever wanted to flip a switch and convert your online business models from “Ho-hum” to “Holy Smokes!” … InstaMember is what you’ve been waiting for!

Now you can use the unique benefits of Instamember to build enormously popular and successful sales campaigns …

InstaMember lets you build powerful membership sites that generate massive revenues.

And, they keep producing month after month and year after year!

So if you are serious about creating multiple residual income streams that flood your bank account with money, you need to check out InstaMember right now!

It’s simple to install and easy to use, and it integrates seamlessly with most shopping cart and affiliate platforms, and it’s the first to work with Deal Guardian, the newest digital marketplace created by Internet Marketing legends Mike Filsaime and Hector Yague.

InstaMember offers features not found on any other membership plugin, including one-click upsell, automatic integration with GoToWebinar, ability to handle two-tier affiliate programs … it even comes with unlimited updates and support.

People who have used it can’t say enough about how powerful InstaMember, how simple it is to use, and how quickly it can bring your marketing campaigns into the big time.

CBpress – Revolutionary WordPress PLUGIN for ClickBank!


CBpress WordPress Plugin

Want your own ClicBank Marketplace? A turnkey website which in 60 seconds allows you to import 28,00 ClickBank products?

Niche Blogs:
CBpress allows users to build FULL ClickBank Marketplaces or create niche CB marketplaces. For example, build a blog around the ‘Relationships’ category or ‘Fitness’ or ‘Online Marketing’. Whatever ClickBank category you choose!

Create Custom Categories:
You’re not left with the categories ClickBank offers. You can create your own and populate them with whatever products you want.

Add Custom Products:
You don’t just have to promote ClickBank products. Add products from other affiliate networks. Pop in Amazon products, CPA offers — ANY product you want to promote as an affiliate. CBpress is a full affiliate product management system.

Custom Titles and Descriptions:
Rewrite ClickBank titles and descriptions to increase conversion rates and improve SEO rankings.

Smart Description Filtering:
Smart filtering technology that automatically makes product descriptions more buyer friendly

List Building:
List are much like ad blocks. Create custom lists and use the CBpress shortlist button to insert them into your Word Press pages and blog entries. Or use lists as widgets and insert into columns. No more hand-coding!


Custom ClickBank Search Box:
CBpress  includes a custom search box that let’s users search the entire ClickBank marketplace. Add it to any of your page’s columns.

CBpress automatically syncs with your Word Press theme. This saves you loads of time on CSS styling. Simply install, customize your products and you’re off and running!

These are CBpress’s main features. There are many more. The functionality is superb. I’ve seen a few other ClickBank Marketplace tools but they require you to manually enter CB products or they’re buggy or simply don’t work. They waste time when you should be focused on building your business!

There is nothing out there that allow users to auto-import the entire ClickBank marketplace and then customize. If you want another way to make money from you Word Press blog, or you want to get involved with ClickBank marketing, check out CBpress.  It’s cost-effective and there is a GREAT BONUS.  Highly recommended!



Just What is the 80-20 Rule?

You hear about the 80/20 rule all the time, but a lot of people don’t really understand it or know how to take advantage of it. In this article, I’m going to explain the 80/20 rule, give you an example of it and then show you how YOU can make the most out of it. I think you will find this article quite informative.

Okay, so just what is the 80/20 rule? Well, essentially what it says is that 20% of the work accounts for 80% of the results. I used to wonder about that a lot until I started building a list and finally realized that this 80/20 rule was pretty close to on the money. Don’t expect the percentages to come out exactly to 80/20 but they will be close.

As an example, let’s take that opt in list. Let’s say that you have a list of about 1000 people. The 80/20 rule says that about 20% of that list is going to account for about 80% of your profit. So let’s say you’re making $5,000 a month. That means that about 80% of the profit you make is going to come from that list and that profit will be generated by about 200 people. That translates into about $4,000 of profit from those 200 people or $20 per person.

This is actually very close to reality for me except on a larger monetary scale. Every month I do my 2 or 3 email promotions and it never fails that the same people purchase over and over from that list and make up the same number of sales each and every month. The remaining 20% of my income comes from various other forms of advertising.

Great, so how can we make the most of this? Well, one very simple way is to segment that list of 20% into a separate list. This list will receive higher end offers because they’ve proven to you time and time again that they are your loyal customers. So treat them special. Make offers to them that you don’t make to everybody else. So if you have a product selling for $197, offer it to them for $147 and the rest of your list at the full price. Trust me…they’ll more than appreciate this.

You hear about stats like this all the time, and sometimes you have to take them with a grain of salt. But in this case, the 80/20 rule is one of those things that really holds true. The above tip is a great way to take advantage of it.